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Charlbury Column Radiator

£1,059.00 inc VAT.

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Capturing a classic aesthetic whilst balancing the demands of modern performance requirements, the Charlbury floor mounted column radiator will be a welcome addition to the most luxe of interior environments.

Manufactured in Italy from high quality steel prior to being finished by hand in England, the Charlbury 3-column-deep radiator from Rutland London reflects the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with heating collections available from Rutland London.

The Charlbury column radiator can be operated directly from a heating system or as a stand alone electric radiator where pipework or plumbing installation is limited. Please note however that this product should only be installed on a closed circuit system and that we do not recommend fitting on a salt softened water system unless otherwise agreed with your installer. In addition, please note that this product cannot be fitted on a hot water system.

All column radiators supplied by Rutland London feature a matt finish applied via a durable industrial coating. In addition to Rutland London's own eclectic portfolio of colours, Rutland London is able to cater for bespoke requests such as  gloss or satin finishes or near matching the colours of popular paint brands including Farrow & Ball, Little Greene & Paint & Paper Library.

Please note that the air vents for all column radiators supplied by Rutland London are provided in a Polished (Unlacquered) Brass finish as standard. Please contact Rutland London should you require an alternative air vent finish from our portfolio of 20+ finishes.

The Charlbury column radiator is available to purchase today in a range of our most popular colours, but should you require an alternative or bespoke colour, size or heating option we encourage you to email or to call +44 (0) 20 7993 6736.


Technical Overview:

Column radiators manufactured by Rutland London are sold in accordance with EN 442 and other key harmonised standards.

When purchasing a heated towel rail or radiator, care should always be taken to ensure the product is compliant with the relevant directives and standards. Non-compliant products from other manufacturers are likely to be inefficient and could possibly be dangerous.

Essential Characteristics (EN 442):

Characteristic: Performance:
Reaction to fire: A1
Release of dangerous substances: None
Pressure tightness: No leakage at 1,3 x MOP [1000 kPa]
Surface temperature: Maximum 85°C
Resistance to pressure: No breakage at 1,69 x MOP [1000 kPa]
Resistance against corrosion: No corrosion after 100 h humidity
Resistance against minor impact: ISO 2409:2013-1A-0

Heat Outputs (EN 442):

Size (mm): Standard rated thermal output Φ50 (W):
600 (H) x 622 (W) x 107 (D) 718
600 (H) x 806 (W) x 107 (D) 938
600 (H) x 990 (W) x 107 (D) 1159
600 (H) x 1220 (W) x 107 (D) 1435
600 (H) x 1404 (W) x 107 (D) 1656
600 (H) x 1634 (W) x 107 (D) 1932
600 (H) x 1864 (W) x 107 (D) 2208
700 (H) x 806 (W) x 107 (D) 1108
700 (H) x 990 (W) x 107 (D) 1369
700 (H) x 1220 (W) x 107 (D) 1695
700 (H) x 1404 (W) x 107 (D) 1956
700 (H) x 1634 (W) x 107 (D) 2282
700 (H) x 1864 (W) x 107 (D) 2608 

The above technical information is based on the radiator being configured for installation on a central heating system.

Bespoke sizes will have no performance declared ("NPD") for heat output unless stated otherwise. Should a heat output be required for a bespoke size, a non-refundable deposit will be required. 

Declaration of Performance:

Should you require the Declaration of Performance for this product, please email