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Towel Rail Options

All our heated towel radiators are British made, hand polished DZR quality brass. Nickel plated to marine standard, Chrome and Gold plated to British Standard.

These superior products are not to be confused with imported towel rails made from cheap alloys that greatly reduce the towel rails life expectancy causing leaks and flooding.

Options Available.

The heat output (Watts) of each radiator can be seen in the information section of the relevant towel rail. A majority of the towel rails we sell have a number of options availabe to you. These include:

Choice of Finish

Towel rails can be supplied in a choice of Chrome, Nickel and Gold plated finishes. The default / standard finish is Chrome and is reflected in all the intial prices shown. If you choose Nickel or Gold plated then the additional charge is shown in the drop down and added to the price when selected.

Heated Towel Rail Size

The radiators we supply are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, the initial price shown is for the smallest size in that radiator range, additional sizes are listed in a drop down menu with the additional price shown. Once selected the display price will be changed to reflect the chosen size. All sizes shown are from pipe centre to pipe centre.

Heating Options

The heating source for all our heated towel radiators is assumed to be heated via a hot water system or a central heating system. However alternate sources such as an electric element, a hidden electric element or a dual fuel option are available. These are offered with both left and right choices. The additional prices for these alternative heating options are shown in the drop down list and added to the main price when selected.

Joint Options

Our towel rails are supplied in a choice of 25.4mm (shown as 25mm) and 31.8mm (shown as 32mm) diameter tubing. Some are only available in 31.8mm. They can also come in a choice of 3 joint finishes; standard, a traditional ball joint or with a contemporary, modern mitred joint. The available options for each design will be available through a drop down menu.

Rack Top

An optional Rack Top is available on some designs. This is an additional set of rails that extends out from the front of the radiator . It has a number of additional bars that can accommodate additional towels. If available on the chosen design the additional price is shown and once selected will be added to the main price.

If you have any more question about the available options or you would like some more information please contact us on 01252 790464