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Why we pre-polish here at Rutland Radiators…

Why we pre-polish here at Rutland Radiators…

Touching a handmade, DZR brass towel rail is a special experience. Connecting yourself to the story of manufacturing behind our heated towel rails, and the high quality of materials and workmanship that go into every product, making physical contact with the product confirms our claims of love and attention that go into every towel rail.

However, there is a reason why when you touch a Rutland Radiators product it feels so special.

That is because it is pre-polished.

Pre-polishing a process by which the high quality, German produced DZR tube is polished in it’s raw form prior to be used by our skilled braziers and being assembled into a bespoke heated towel rail.

This is different to most manufacturers who only polish the brass once it has been brazed, prior to being plated. However, if left to this stage, it is almost impossible to get the same standard of finish.

Once assembled, heated towel rails can be cumbersome objects which must be lifted and wielded round to be effectively polished.

Polishing in the corners and hard to reach parts can be difficult. In addition, in the dusty and industrial environment of the polishing workshop it is easy for key areas of the towel warmer to be missed.

That is why we pre-polish.

It ensures our towel rails are of the highest possible quality, and meet our strict quality control standards and avoids the issues listed above.

So next time you touch a Rutland Radiators heated towel rail, and think it feels surprisingly smooth, there is a reason!


If you are looking for a high quality heated towel rail, shower curtain rail or vanity basin stand, please do not hesitate to get in touch by either emailing or by phoning 01252 790464. Our friendly office team are always delighted to be of assistance.


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