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Why silver soldering is so important.

Why silver soldering is so important.

You may know that here at Rutland Radiators we offer a market leading 10 year guarantee on our range of heated towel rails. A key manufacturing process which allows us to offer such a comprehensive warranty is our use of hand silver soldered joints.

Silver soldering forms a permanent bond between two items, in our case, two brass elements. Some manufacturers will use mechanical fasteners such as large nuts, however, the permanency offered by silver soldering significantly reduces the likelihood of failure compared with mechanical options.

Changes in the law and the need for the highest of quality joints means that traditional lead based solder options have been phased out over recent years. Fortunately, we have always brazed with silver solder due to it's beneficial properties.

Before being brazed it is of paramount importance that proper preparation is undertaken with the cleaning of the surfaces being completed prior to any joints being formed.

Typically bonded at a heat of between 500 to 1000 degrees centigrade, once joined, a silver soldered joint will be as strong as the base materials which it joins. In addition, the process of silver soldering allows us to maintain the tight tolerances to which we manufacture to.

Unlike other joining methods, silver soldering allows us to create unobtrusive joints which do not distract from the overall appearance of the rail. Furthermore, silver soldered joints can be plated just the same as our high specification DZR brass to create a beautiful and clean appearance.

Sourcing our silver solder from the highest quality British suppliers allows us to carefully manage quality in line with our tight quality control processes. 


Are you working on a current project where you require a high quality brass fitting? If so, we recommended contacting our friendly Sales Team. They can be reached by either emailing or telephoning 01252 790464.

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