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Why a grab rail could save your life...

Having recently launched our range of bathroom Grab Rails we thought we would explain the importance of fitting a Grab Rail in your bathroom.

Traditionally, Grab Rails have been associated with aged and incapacitated bathroom users. However, taking a look at the statistics from bathroom accidents makes for chilling reading.

In fact, regardless of age, one-in-five of us have experienced some form of injury whilst in the bathroom.

The most common injury remains to be bruising, however, more sinister injuries such as broken bones and concussion are amongst the injuries.

However, when a step back is taken it is unsurprising that the bathroom is an epicentre of accidents.

Tiled surfaces and water can be a dangerous mix, fuelled by bathroom design which has seen a trend for free standing baths and large open spaces with little or no support.

A well positioned Grab Rail can avoid these falls and make your bathroom considerably safer, regardless of your age.

If the aesthetics of Grab Rails is concerning you – fear not! Whilst traditionally, Grab Rails have been associated with ugly hard plastics here at Rutland Radiators we have worked hard to achieve a range of beautiful solutions.

Available in our range of over 20 finishes, along with our powder coating and wet sprayed options we can supply or Grab Rails in a finish to suit your needs.

When installing a Grab Rail extreme care should be taken to ensure that the Rails are fitted against a sturdy and robust surface.

Whilst the above is slightly underwhelming, it is important to understand that accidents can be avoided with proper planning for example by installing Grab Rails.

This is further amplified by the ageing population of the UK meaning that the rate of elderly people in the UK, which requires planning from everyone including hotels, bars and a individuals.

Can we be of assistance?

If you are looking for a Grab Rail to improve the safety in your bathroom whilst returning style, please do not hesitate to either email or telephone 01252 790464.

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