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Handmade in England

Vanity Basin Stands – It’s an experience, not a product.

Few materials promote a feeling of luxury more than marble. It’s smooth, natural finish bridges seamlessly between the manmade and built environmental. Combined in the design process with high quality DZR brass it is unsurprising that our Vanity Basin Stands are proving so popular with our clients.

Specifying a Vanity Basin Stand on a project can be a daunting task. At first it is seemingly simple, however, when you start to look into the available options it is quickly clear that it is anything but. With a multitude of marble types, ranging from the classic Carrara to a more subtle Calacatta and with a seemingly endless option of edging details, it can be a daunting task.

However, our in-house design team are here to break the process down for you and to make it an enjoyable and pleasant experience. Using their decades of experience in the bathroom industry.

At the beginning of the process they will undertake a consultation and take a look at your overall design to understand the most appropriate style of Basin Stand. From here they will work to create a DZR Brass stand, either creating a bespoke design or working with either our Regent or Cadogan Basin Stand.

Manufactured from 32mm DZR brass tube and assembled with Italian ball joints, we are able to supply our Vanity Basin Stands in a range of over 20 finishes to tie in with your existing bathroom furniture. Popular options include Aged Bronze, Antique Gold and Brushed Copper.

Once the design and colour of the DZR brass has been decided on, our design team will move onto the marble counter top. Working with our local Marble supplier they will propose a number of finishing details and marble styles.

Part of the beauty of Marble is that being a natural product, it’s appearance will always vary. Remember that this means that you will have a truly unique product with no two types of marble the same. It also means that we cannot guarantee the appearance of the marble as this is out of our control.

Once a marble has been decided on, our design team will hand your order over to our manufacturing team who will combine their experience and skills to create a beautiful piece to last a generation.


Interested in our Vanity Basin Stands?

Our friendly office team are always happy to have a chat as to how we can be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to either call us on 01252 790464, or email

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