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Valves – Why you shouldn’t be overlooking them.

When designing and coordinating the refurbishment and fitting of a bathroom, it is easy to overlook the valves.

It can be easy to try and make savings when specifying valves, however, cheap valves that suffer from premature failure can have devastating and costly results.

Starting at the Basics:

A radiator valve is made up of a number of components. However, at a valves heart is the “Valve disk”. The physical barrier which can be raised and lowered to control and turn on / off the flow.

In addition, there are a number of seals in the form of “O” rings which are paramount to the longevity of the valves.

What happens when it goes wrong?

When a valve fails, it can simply result in reduced control of the radiator or towel warmer. You may find that it is harder to turn off the flow entering the product, resulting in times when the flow is still on, this results in the towel warmer being more inefficient.

In addition, when seals fail there is an increased chance of leakages often found on cheaper valves. This can result in water damage to not only the tails of the valves, but also the floor, void and potentially ceiling below, causing costly damage.

How can you avoid problems?

When it comes to specifying your valves we recommend that you are weary of imports from outside of the EU.

Often, cheaper imported valves are made from poor quality metals and materials. Buying valves produced in the UK, such as our Italian produced brass valves guarantees both the efficiency and longevity of the valves.

How can Rutland Radiators help?

Our range of Italian Valves are amongst the highest quality available currently on the market.

If you would like to invest in a pair to protect your house from any mishaps please do not hesitate to either call our friendly office team on 01252 790464, or alternatively, email

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