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Rutland Radiators: Why only the best will do...

Rutland Radiators: Why only the best will do...

We operate in an international marketplace filled with competitors from the Middle and Far East who rule the waves of Alibaba offering client's towel rails for a fraction of a percentage of one of our own handcrafted brass rails.

Whilst admittedly it could be argued that we operate in a different sphere of the market to our Eastern competitors, the example from Alibaba serves to emphasise the fact that if you're looking for cheap heated towel rails, Rutland Radiators is not the cheapest - and nor shall it ever be.

As a retailer of a premium products, the fact that a sea of cheaper competitors are waiting to take our place at any moment on a project specification can be a daunting prospect. This is where our dogged determination to maintain our ethos of quality and service is paramount.

It is because of our determination to maintain these standards that Rutland Radiators has forged a name for itself as a leading manufacturer of brass heated towel rails, vanity basin stands and shower curtain rails.

Despite the impact of Brexit on Sterling, our products have continued to be manufactured from German produced DZR brass, Italian engineered ball joints and plentiful amounts of silver solder.

Rather than becoming a reseller of imported rails, our colleagues in our Hampshire factory continue to handcraft each and every heated towel rail, vanity basin stand and shower curtain rail to our exacting requirements.

Instead of repeatedly saying "sorry, we can't help", we continue to push the envelope of the industry to ensure we meet the needs of our clients (as long as what they ask of us physically possible...).

For these reasons, Rutland Radiators continues to set the benchmark of quality and service. The day we compromise, that benchmark will be no more, which is why we won't.

Are you working on a project where you require heated towel rails, vanity basin stands or shower curtain rails?

Our friendly Office Team are waiting to discuss your project and how we can be of assistance. Please either telephone 01252 790464, or email

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