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Powder Coating Vs Painting

Here at Rutland Radiators we are delighted to see so many customers delighted with our new powder coating service.

Working with our preferred suppliers at Farrow and Ball and the Little Greene Paint Company we are able to offer an attractive and high quality range of finishes.

However, we are often asked why we choose to powder coat here at Rutland Radiators, instead of painting.

The simple answer is quality.

Once the dry powder has been sprayed onto a product, it is placed in a curing oven. The curing process creates thermal bonds between powder particles, resulting in beautifully smooth and hard wearing finish.

In fact, the hard finish is a key reason we choose to powder coat over paint. Whilst powder coating is a more expensive process, we believe we can deliver savings to our clients in the long run by using this process.

A powder coat will last far longer than a painted finish. Particularly on towel warmers where years of being used and knocked in a bathroom can really take its toll on a product. This is another reason why we choose to powder coat.

We also find that with powder coating we achieve a much more even coat of finish across a product. This is because powder coating particles are much more electrostatically charged compared to paint particles

From a health and safety point of view, powder coating does not release the volatile organic compounds (VOCs) we find emitted from paint. This is because powder coating does not involve fluids which can then evaporate.

Finally, in addition to the health and safety benefits, powder coating also offers environmental benefits.  Offering wastage of under 5% compared to the approximately 70% wastage experienced with painting.


There’s a number of reasons we choose to powder coat.

If you’re looking for a coloured towel rail, or heated towel rail or radiator, please do not hesitate to contact us on +44 1252 790 464 or alternatively email,

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