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Polished Copper: Finish in Focus

It has been some time since we last wrote a “Finish in Focus”, however, due to requests made by many of our customers and recent trends, we thought it was about time to write another.

2017 saw many stunning trends which filled those of us within the industry with excitement. It was brilliant to see a resurgence in gold, as well as Polished Nickel continuing to grow in popularity.

Although only a couple of weeks into 2018, there was a particular finish of note which dominated the tail end of 2017 and 2018 so far - that has been Polished Copper.

Polished Copper is a finish which carries itself with sophistication and beauty. At home in a multitude of spaces from traditional Victorian bathrooms to contemporary Industrialist inspired designs.

Bringing a warmth to spaces, Polished Copper is a finish which works year round, as it’s colour ties in well with the rainbow of Summer colours whilst also bringing comfort in the Winter months.

Available as either a lacquered or unlacquered finish, if left unlacquered, the Polished Copper finish will naturally age and tarnish with time showing the rawness of the finish.

For those looking for an assured finish which will not tarnish as aggressively, lacquering gives clients the option to “seal” the finish in, effectively coating it in a transparent sealant which prevents the environment from reacting with the beautiful Polished Copper finish.

Polished Copper has dominated Rutland Radiator’s order book for the last quarter, and as such we expect that as a finish it will continue to grow in popularity throughout 2018.


Are you working on a project with Polished Copper or would you like to learn more about this beautiful finish?

If so, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly office team by either emailing or by telephoning 01252 790464.

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