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Handmade in England

Made in England – Why it is so important.

Here at Rutland Radiators we take immense pride in the provenance of our brand and manufacturing process.

Based in Hampshire, England, we pride ourselves on the benefits from keeping our manufacturing and building process in the UK.

By keeping our manufacturing team within a short distance of our office in Surrey, we are able to carefully manage and control the production of our heated towel rails.

This ensures our clients receive only the highest quality products and that our office staff have an intimate understanding of every order throughout the build process giving clients up to date information and updates.

In addition, by keeping our manufacturing team just a short distance from our office, it allows our two teams to easily liaise and meet avoiding the misunderstandings commonly experienced with an overseas production team. This ultimately furthers the benefits for our customers.

If you have had the chance to speak to our office team, you will know that they have an intimate understanding of the range of our products that we offer. This is in due part down to the close relationship they have with the factory and being able to see the range of components and products we use.

As well as the quality and service benefits from producing in England, we are able to reduce the chance of damage during delivery whilst also shortening our delivery times and overall lead times by working with our carefully selected UK couriers.

All of the above benefits help us to maintain our high levels of quality and service, whilst also improving efficiency.



If you would like to learn more about our manufacturing process and why we pride ourselves on our products so much, we recommend that you get in touch with our friendly office team. Either by emailing or by telephoning 01252 790464.


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