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Cleaning heated towel rail

Introducing our NEW Rutland Radiator's cleaning kit.

Here at Rutland Radiators we are often asked for cleaning advice and tips in regards to the on-going maintenance of our heated towel rails, vanity basin stands and radiators.

Offering our range of products in a selection of over 20 finishes, the proper maintenance and cleaning of your product is key.

If the wrong cleaning solutions are applied with the wrong applicators (cloths, sponges etc) the results can be damaging to the appearance of the product.

In the past we have seen damage caused to finishes by customers using strong household cleaning products, as well as abrasive applicators such as Scotch Pads which can cause irreversible damage to the surface of of a product.

Our new Cleaning Kit has been compiled by our in-house design team to ensure that your product remains looking beautiful for years to come.

Contained within the Cleaning Kit is a 250ml bottle of specialist cleaning solution as well as an Application and Polishing cloth.

The cloths are colour coded to ensure that there is no confusion as to their purpose, with one being for applying the solution and the other for removing the solution and polishing the product.

The cloths have been selected for their non-abrasive feel, and the solution not only polishes, but also protects the finish.

We are delighted that when purchased with a Rutland Radiators products, we are able to offer a saving of over 25% on the purchase price of the Kit.

Please note, our Cleaning Kit cannot be used with the Antique Gold finish. If you are looking for this finish, please discuss your requirements with our in-house design team.

Interested in a Cleaning Kit?

If you have recently purchased one of our products, or are intending to place an order we would highly recommend the purchase of a Cleaning Kit.

For more information, or to order, please either email,, or telephone 01252  790 464.

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