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Introducing our 2017 Thermostatic Electric Element.

Introducing our 2017 Thermostatic Electric Element.

For a long time, we have been asked by customers and clients to provide a thermostatic heating element which gives you precise control over the heat of a heated towel rail.

As such, we are proud to show our 2017 Thermostatic Electric Element.

Compatible with our full range of electric only towel rails, the thermostatic element is available in both chrome and white.

The simplistic, clean design of the item allows it to be equally at home in both contemporary and traditional spaces.

Functions on the element include on/off, temperature adjustment and a timer setting.

Gone are the days of a simple wall switch giving you minimal control of your towel warmer. Our 2017 Thermostatic Element allows the temperature to be increased in increments from 40 degrees all the way to 65 degrees.

The control unit on the element also boasts a sophisticated NTC sensor for automatic temperature control and therefore efficiency.

Durable and IP44 rated we are delighted with the popularity of this product.

In addition to this attractive features, the element also offers a number of pre-set settings. These include “boost” mode, “comfort” mode, “timer” mode and “standby/antifreeze” mode.

We particularly enjoy the timer setting to make sure we have a toasty towel for our morning showers. The boost function is also perfect for those winter time post-gym showers!

By carefully managing the use of these settings, you are able to ensure maximum efficiency and economy from your Thermostatic Electric Element and towel warmer.

The device also incorporates an intelligent “key lock” function which prevents inadvertent tampering of it’s settings. This feature is particularly popular when the device is fitted in commercial environments such as hotels.


If our Thermostatic Electric Element is of particular interest, please contact our friendly office team on 01252 790464 .  Alternatively please email, 

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