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Finishes - Trends – 2016 / 17

There was a time when customers would phone our Team here at Rutland Radiators and ask for one of a standard range of finishes. Typically, Chrome, Nickel or Polished Brass. However, over the last 18 months we have seen the market evolve and diversify to a point now where customers now seek a wide range of alternative finishes.

As a trend, we have seen the market move towards darker and more complex finishes as the bathroom industry has developed its range of metals and finishes on offer for sanitary ware and accessories.

This has had a knock on effect of influencing the finishes which we offer here at Rutland Radiators. With a range of over 20 finishes available along with an almost limitless array of powder coat options we are prepared for any request.

We have been staggered by the popularity of our City Bronze finish. It’s dark and moody complexion gives it a sense of presence in a bathroom space and sits comfortably in both industrial, traditional and contemporary settings.

One of the the most beautiful aspects of selecting a metallic finish is the process by which it ages and patinas. A testament to the story of your bathroom, the patina acquired from age by a number of our finishes adds to their beauty and style rather than taking away from it.

In contrast to City Bronze’s dark, complex finish is the striking and bold appearance of Rouge Bronze. A “pinky gold”, Rouge Bronze turns plain and basic fittings and accessories into beautiful centrepieces. This was confirmed by our recent attendance at Decorex 17’.

Able to see the array of Rouge Bronze finishes on show at Decorex confirmed that this is a striking finish set to be a popular choice for the coming year.


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