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Handmade heated towel rail

Aged Brass: Finish in Focus

It is unsurprising that here at Rutland Radiators we have built a reputation for the range and quality of finishes we are able to offer our handmade towel warmers and radiators in. In fact we offer our products in a range of over 20 finishes including brass!

We have always been a fan of brass. Offering timeless sophistication, a brass coating can provide an elegant finish. Here at Rutland Radiators we offer a number of similar finishes. These include, Antique, Brushed, and of course, Aged Brass.

Our handmade towel warmers are shipped across the world. They are also expected to last years in harsh, and sometimes busy environments. As such, quality and durability is key to us at Rutland Radiators.

How do we apply finishes?

Each finish is applied by hand to our handmade towel warmers, radiators and basin stands in our family-owned factory in Hampshire. Within the factory, our skilled craftsmen utilise their decades of experience to ensure the quality and longevity of each finish.

Once the finish is applied, each piece must pass stringent quality control tests before being collected by our chosen couriers to deliver directly to our clients.

Where could you use Aged Brass?

We see Aged Brass used in classic and traditional bathrooms as often it ties in well with other bathroom furniture. However, in recent times, we have noticed more clients choosing to use Aged Brass in more contemporary designs.

Partly due to it’s timelessness but also the relatively low maintenance nature of Aged Brass. It is unsurprising that clients choosing to specify brass more and more.

If you are interested in any other finish applied to one of our handmade towel warmers, radiators or basin stands, please do give us a call on 01252 790464.

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