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5 ideas to rejuvenate your bathroom in 2017

With the ever increasing day-to-day stress of life, it is more important than ever that your bathroom is a place of sanctuary. Being a hub of the home, our bathrooms have a tough time.

We expect our bathrooms to work hard. Coping with excitable children, worn out parents, and even at times, muddy pets. While at the end of the day, still being a place of sanctuary, when its all getting too much.

Living with this day to day chaos, it is easy to turn a blind eye to it’s gradual decline in décor. Whether its the marks on the wall, the sun-faded paintings, or the tired and chipped radiator which is showing its age.

That’s why we have racked our brains to come up with five easy bathroom refurbishment ideas which can be completed in a few hours, and will mean you’ll have a refreshed bathroom by the time the children come home from school! 

1. A lick of paint.

With morning after morning of hasty teeth brushing and toothpaste over the walls, its unsurprising that your bathroom walls are looking worn. A great bathroom design idea is to give it a coat of paint to rejuvenate the space, and cover up all those marks.

We’ve been really impressed with Farrow and Ball’s range of paints and how they can transform a bathroom. In particular, Blue Grey (No. 91). A timeless, neutral colour it’s dark enough to mask those unwelcome scuffs and marks, whilst still making your bathroom feel fresh and airy.

2. Vibrant new linen.

It’s not unusual that over the years, a well used bathroom becomes the home of well used, and worn out towels. You may have become accustomed to your stained towels which once filled you with pride, but they can drag the whole room down with their worn out looks.

However, help is at hand. Christy’s Renaissance range of 100% Egyptian Cotton towels come in a range of colours to either blend in with a sophisticated bathroom design, or to add a splash of colour.

3. Towel Rails.

One thing we know at Rutland Radiators is the difference a radiator can make to a space. Replace your plain, chipped and dated bathroom radiator with one of our heated towel rails. It amazes even us the difference a sophisticated heated towel rail can make to a space, in particular - a bathroom!

Available in an array of finishes, ranging from brushed nickel, to polished chrome. Rutland Radiators can supply a heated towel rail which is in keeping with your current bathroom furniture, to make sure that after a long day, you have toasty towels greeting you when you get out of the bath.

4. Update your artwork.

If you’re like us, you’ve spent the last 10 years looking at your child’s rather depressing take on Van Gough’s sunflower tacked to the back of the door,  it’s probably time to smarten things up. A key idea to uplift your bathroom is to breathe life into it with new artwork.

Choosing the right artwork can make your bathroom design feel more homely, perfect for those relaxing candlelit baths. It also helps enhance a rooms theme, if that’s what you’re after! If you’re not sure where to start – Etsy have a selection of specific “bathroom artwork”, some of which can be personalised to you.

5. Accessories.

After years of use and abuse, it’s unsurprising that your bathroom has probably become functional and in no way co-ordinated or pleasant. It’s time you update your toothbrush holder, and replace the dented bin. You may even decide it is time to add to your bathroom accessories!

We really like the range of accessories currently stocked by John Lewis. Stocking a broad range of products, from bath bridges, to rubber ducks, they offer the perfect solution to uplift your bathroom, and make those evening baths a little more enjoyable.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our five ideas on how to rejuvenate your bathroom. Whether you choose to use just one, or all of them, we’re sure they’ll make your evening soak a little more relaxing.

If you would like to know more about our handmade heated towel rails, please call 01252 790464.

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